How to Find Paintings in the Gallery

When you first enter this page you will see 6 pictures at the bottom - the first paintings in the gallery. Beneath those pictures is a link saying Load more.  Click on Load more and another 6 pictures will appear making a total of 12 paintings on view.  Alternatively if you hold down the Shift key on your keyboard before clicking the Load more link then all the paintings in the gallery will be displayed.

Narrowing Your Search

Above the paintings you will see the words All, Board, Framed, Large, Medium, Paper, Small, Unframed.  Clicking one of these words will narrow down the selection of paintings based on the criterion you have selected.  The paintings have been categorised according to size (small, medium, large), material onto which they are painted (board, paper) and whether they are framed or unframed.  Initially up to 6 paintings will be displayed but if there are more than 6 you need to use the Load more button in the same way as explained in the previous paragraph.

Finding Out the Painting's Details

If you hover your mouse over a painting, a pop-up will appear with more details about that painting - name, dimensions and price and a Read More button.  Click on Read More and you will be taken to that painting's page which has a larger image of the painting as well as a Find out more box.  Clicking the link in the Find out more box will take you to a form which is pre-loaded with the painting's details. Once you have completed and submitted the form, we will telephone you to discuss how you wish to proceed.  Alternatively, click the Back button on yoru browser and you will be returned to this page where the paintings should be laid out in the same order as when you clicked the Read more link.